Kintex Overview

Kintex®-7 FPGAs provide your designs with the best price/performance/watt at 28nm while giving you high DSP ratios, cost-effective packaging, and support for mainstream standards like PCIe® Gen3 and 10 Gigabit Ethernet. The Kintex-7 family is ideal for applications including 3G and 4G wireless, flat panel displays, and video over IP solutions.

All this on tiny footprints at the most competitive price. These high-density integrated modules are smaller than a credit card and available in several variants.

All parts range from commercial through extended and industrial temperature ranges.

ModelFPGASPI FlashTemp.
Max. GTX transceiver
data rate
TE0741-03-070-2CF XC7K070T-2FBG676C 32 MByte commercial 6.6 Gb/s
TE0741-03-070-2IF XC7K070T-2FBG676I 32 MByte industrial 6.6 Gb/s
TE0741-03-160-2CF XC7K160T-2FBG676C 32 MByte commercial 6.6 Gb/s
XC7K160T-2FFG676C 32 MByte commercial 10.3125 Gb/s
TE0741-03-160-2IF XC7K160T-2FBG676I 32 MByte industrial 6.6 Gb/s
TE0741-03-325-2CF XC7K325T-2FBG676C 32 MByte commercial 6.6 Gb/s
TE0741-03-325-2IF XC7K325T-2FBG676I 32 MByte industrial 6.6 Gb/s
TE0741-03-410-2CF XC7K410T-2FBG676C 32 MByte commercial 6.6 Gb/s

TEF1001-01 XC7K160T-2FBG676I 32 MByte industrial 4x PCI Gen2 Lanes w/ HPC FMC


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