TE0808 "UltraSoM+" Zynq UltraScale+

Zynq Module TE0808


The Trenz Electronic TE0808 is an industrial-grade MPSoC module integrating a Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+, max. 8 GByte DDR4 SDRAM with 64-Bit width, max. 512 MByte Flash memory for configuration and operation, 20 Gigabit transceivers, and powerful switch-mode power supplies for all on-board voltages. A large number of configurable I/O's is provided via rugged high-speed stacking connections.

All parts are at least industrial temperature range of -40°C to +85°C. The module operating temperature range depends on customer design and cooling solution. Please contact us for options.

All this in a compact 5,2 x 7,6 cm form factor, at the most competitive price.

Key Features

  • Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+
  • ZU9EG 900 Pin Packages
  • Rugged for shock and high vibration
  • Memory
    - 4x 512 MByte (2 GByte) 64-Bit DDR4
    - 2x 256 MBit (2x 32 MByte) SPI Boot Flash (dual parallel)
  • User I/O 
    - 65 x PS MIOs, 48 x PL HD GPIOs, 156 x PL HP GIPIOs (3 banks)
    - Serial transceiver: GTR 4 + GTH 16
    - GT clocks, I2C 
    - PLL clock inputs and outputs
  • Size: 52 x 76 mm
  • 3 mm mounting holes for skyline heat spreader
  • B2B Connectors: 4 x 160 pin
  • Si5345 - 10 output PLL
  • All power supplies on board, single 3.3V Power required 
    - 14 on-board DC/DC regulators and 13 LDO's 
    - LP, FP, PL separately controlled power domains
  • Support for all boot modes (except NAND) and scenarios
  • Support for any combination of PS connected peripherals
  • Evenly spread supply pins for good signal integrity.


TE0808 Heatsink

Made especially for the TE0808 board. Note that this heatsink requires a gapfiller; as such it is necessary for Trenz to install this part.

Part No.  KK0808-03

TE0808 ZU9 DevKit

Below are images of the kit currently being developed. It includes a ZU9 chip, mini ITX baseboard, power supply, enclosure, and reference design. A block diagram is also shown.

Baseboard Features

  • Mini-ITX form factor
  • ATX Power supply connector (12V only PS Required)
  • optional 12V Standard Power Plug
  • USB3 with USB3 HUB
  • Gigabit Ethernet RJ45
  • MicroSD Card (bootable)
  • eMMC (bootable)
  • PCIe slot - PS GT Connected, one PCIe lane (16 Lane Connector)
  • Displayport Dual Lane PS GT Connected
  • FMC HPC Slot (1.8V max VCCIO)
  • Dual SFP+
  • One Samtec FireFly (4 lanes bidir)
  • Samtec FireFly reverse loopback
  • Fan connectors
  • Intel front panel connector (PWR/RST/LED)
  • Intel HDA Audio connector
  • CAN FD Transceiver (10 Pin IDC Connector)
  • 20 Pin ARM JTAG Connector (PS JTAG0)

PC Enclosure Accessible I/O

  • PCIe
  • FMC
  • Dual SFP+
  • RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet
  • 2x USB3 Host
  • Displayport
  • microSD
  • Two LED's
  • CAN FD (using DB9 to IDC10 Cable)

Core V1 Mini-ITX Housing - technical features

  • Dimensions: 260 x 276 x 316 mm (B x H x T)
  • Material: Steel
  • Colour: Black
  • Drive Slots: 2 x 3,5 Zoll (intern, 3,5 Zoll) and 2 x 2,5 Zoll (intern, 2,5 Zoll)
  • Expansion slots: 2
  • I/O-Panel: 2 x USB 3.0 and 1 x Audio In/Out each
  • Maximum graphic card length: 255 mm (inner enclosure)
  • Maximum graphic card length: 285 mm (outer enclosure)
  • Maximum CPU cooler height: 140 mm
  • Maximum length power supply: 200 mm

Package Contents Starter Kit

  • 1 x Core V1 Mini-ITX Enclosure- black with viewing window and removable sled walls
  • 1 x Power Supply Be quiet! BN142 System Power 7, 400 Watt, 12V, ATX 2.3 with fan
  • 1 x TE0808-04-09EG-1EA with ZU9
  • 1 x TEBF0808-04 base board
  • 1 x Heatsink MBH31001-15W/2.6
  • 1 x TE0790-02 XMOD FTDI JTAG Adapter (compatible with Xilinx-Tools)
  • 1 x TE0790-02L XMOD FTDI JTAG Adapter (independent from Xilinx-Tools)
  • 1 x 8 GB Class 4 microSDHC card
  • 1 x USB cable, Type A to Type B Mini, 2 meter length
  • 2 x Phillips screws, M3 x 6, pan head, zinc coated
  • 2 x Spacer bolts, M3, 10 mm

TE0808 Block Diagram TE0808 DevKit Angle TE0808 DevKit Top TE0808 DevKit w/ Enclosure Enclosure Front-Panel Ports Enclosure Back


Embedded Development Suite

A hardware development platform is available. Latest documentation, design support files, reference design source files and tools are available for download free of charge.

* Device supported by the free Xilinx Vivado WebPACK tool.

Available Models

ModelForm factorFPGARAM(GPU)(VCU)Temperature
TE0808-04-09EG-1EB 5.2 x 7.6cm XCZU9EG-1FFVC900E 4 GByte DDR4 x -

(0°C to 100°C)

(low profile)
5.2 x 7.6cm XCZU9EG-1FFVC900E 4 GByte DDR4 x - extended
(0°C to 100°C)
TE0808-04-09EG-2IB 5.2 x 7.6cm XCZU9EG-2FFVC900I 4 GByte DDR4 x - industrial
(-40°C to 85°C)
5.2 x 7.6cm XCZU15EG-1FFVC900E 4 GByte DDR4 x - extended
(0°C to 100°C)

Pricing, Availability and Ordering

  • Concurrent EDA is the US Distributor for Trenz Electronic FPGA Micromodules.
  • Currently Available to US customers only.
  • Please email Ray at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with questions / quotes / orders.

Technical Documentation from Trenz Electronic

  • Available upon request.


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