PreciseTimeBasic Core



PreciseTimeBasic is a IEEE1588-2008 V2 compliant clock synchronization IP core for Xilinx FPGAs. It is capable of accurately time stamp IEEE 1588 telegrams and also to provide a compatible timer. All these processes are carried out by hardware modules.

The final accuracy obtained in a IEEE 1588 systems depends on many factors (frequency and quality of the local clock, location of the time stamp in the data chain, etc.). As a reference, next figure shows the measured error between the PPS generated by a Commercial Grandmaster equipment and the PPS generated by a Zedboard Avnet Devopment Platfrom which runs LinuxPTP software stack in the ARM processor and uses the PreciseTimeBasic for hardware assisted timestamping (+/- 50 ns).

PreciseTimeBasic accuracy

Key Features

PreciseTimeBasic Core Features

  • 10/100/1000 Mbps/AXI-Stream (For 10 Gbps) Interfaces supported
  • 32 bit seconds / 32 bit nanoseconds counter
  • 32 bit subnanosecond frequency adjust
  • One Pulse Per Second Output available
  • Frequency Selectable Output available (1 KHz/2 KHz/4 KHz/8 KHz/16 KHz/32 KHz)
  • Minimum FPGA resources utilization
  • Alarm generation
  • Event Timestamping

Software Features

  • Ordinary Clock and Boundary Clock operation
  • End-to-End and Peer-to-Peer delay mechanisms support
  • Support for PTP on both Layer 2 (Ethernet) and Layer 3 (IPv4) interfaces
  • It can be combined with HSR-PRP and ManagedEthernet IP Cores
  • VLAN support
  • Profiles: Default, Power, Power-Utility, IEEE 802.1AS
PreciseTimeBasic I/O Diagram

Supported FPGAs

  • 7-Series (Zynq, Spartan, Artix, Kintex, Virtex)
  • Ultrascale (Kintex, Virtex)
  • Ultrascale+ (Zynq MPSoC, Kintex, Virtex)

Embedded Development Suite

A hardware development platform is available. Latest documentation, design support files, reference design source files and tools are available for download free of charge.

* Device supported by the free Xilinx Vivado WebPACK tool.

Pricing, Availability and Ordering

  • Concurrent EDA is the US Distributor for SoC-e.
  • Currently Available to US customers only.
  • Please email Ray at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with questions / quotes / orders.