microEnable 5 ironman VQ8-CXP6D - Frame grabber


Silicon Software develops with its marathon frame grabbers a product series of performance image acquisition and image processing boards for the most important digital interfaces in Machine Vision. marathon frame grabbers are characterized by its wide range of operation in major industries and applications, moreover offer one of the most attractive price-/performance ratio.

microEnable 5 ironman VQ8-CXP6D is a PCIe image processing device that allows a full bandwidth connection of up to four CoaxPress standardized cameras.

microEnable 5 ironman VQ8-CXP6D focuses on high-speed image processing with up to 4 x CoaXPress cameras and offers with DMA3600 technology an ultimate access to advanced Machine Vision applications.

  • Support of fastest CoaXPress cameras
  • Easy-to-use configuration software
  • Highest performance image processing
  • Industrial multi-device, multi-camera support
  • DMA3600 / up to 3,6 GB/s PCIe Data bandwidth (PCIe x8 Gen2)
  • Hot pluggable Broad support of Third-party software interfaces
  • Versatile application and industry usage
  • Custom FPGA programming with VisualApplets supporting Xilinx Virtex FPGAs
  • Power over CoaXPress.