SMARToem Module

SMARTeom module

SMARToem is a pluggable module designed to enable easy integration of Ethernet Industrial Networks in equipment for Electric, Industrial and Aerospace sectors. This module allows the implementation of powerful networking capabilities into end-equipment like IEDs, relays, merging units o any other. Network frame processing can be performed by hardware using specific SoC-e IP cores.

SoC–e offers solutions for IEEE1588v2, HSR, PRP and custom Ethernet processing/or PTP directly implementable on SMARToem. The customer can request SMARToem pre-loaded with this configurations or use this modules to implement its own design.

SoC–e offers a ready to use platform, SMARToem brick (see at bottom), that can be used by the customers as a reference to design their own one or to include SMARToem in their equipments. This carrier supports copper and fiber optics media.

Key Features

  • Scalable Industrial Grade Xilinx FPGA: The Spartan-6 family provides leading system integration capabilities with the lowest total cost for high-volume applications. Devices supported: XC6SLX45, XC6SLX75, XC6SLX100 and XC6SLX150.
  • 6x Ethernet Phyters: Each one can be configured independently to work in 10/100TX (copper) or 100FX (fibre). The number of PHYs can be reduced according to the customer necessities.
  • Support for Configuration-over-Ethernet (CoE): It allows accessing to all internal registers using Ethernet, even remote flashing.
  • Support for Dynamic Bitstream Configuration (DBC): It allows changing remotely the functionality of the FPGA (multi-boot).
  • 512 Mb LPDDR: Fast SDRAM memory to store software applications, protocols stacks or large buffers. Only necessary if an internal soft-CPU want to be included. None of SoC-e´s IP requires external RAM memory.
  • 128 Mb Quad SPI Flash: Memory for Firmware and Bitstream storage.
  • EEPROM with unique MAC integrated: Ready to use unique MAC in each module to reduce the time-to-market of the customer product.
  • Temperature Sensor: Each module is provided with an I2C temperature sensor mounted on the PCB.
  • 4x LEDs indicator: 1 Power up LED, 1 FPGA done LED and 2 General purpose LEDs. Also 2x LED for each PHY (link status and activity).
  • Generic GPIOs: Up to 20 GPIOs ready to be used in the carrier.
  • Debug connector: Easy accessible connector on the top of the module that accepts stand-alone powering, JTAG, I2C and SPI.
  • High-reliability board-to-board connectors: Two board-to-board connectors attach SMARToem module to the customer carrier.
  • Reference carrier design (SMARTcarrier board).
  • Pin-out compatible with other modules available on the market.
  • We provide full access to the schematics, PCB layout and Gerber for SoC-e's IP customers.
SMARToem interface

SMARToem brick: Ready-to-use SMARToem module with SMARToem carrier

The SMARToem brick is a plug-and-play system that reduces the risk and the Time-to-Market in the development of solutions for IEEE1588v2 HSR/PRP, Industrial Ethernet and TSN Networks.

SMARToem Brick

SMARToem Brick Package Contents

  • SMARToem
  • SMARTcarrier
  • Power Supply
  • USB B cable

Pricing, Availability and Ordering

  • Concurrent EDA is the US Distributor for SoC-e products.
  • Currently Available to US customers only.
  • Please email Ray at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with questions / quotes / orders.