EoSens 21CXP2

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EoSens® 25CXP+ Camera

Engineered for Highest Performance

Mikrotron introduces the latest addition to its CoaXPress Series.

The Mikrotron EoSens 21CXP2 camera draws on the performance of a 21-Megapixel CMOS global shutter sensor together with the ultra-fast CoaXPress 2.0 interface to deliver a powerful combination of superior resolution, high sensitivity, and blazing speed. It features a ruggedized, compact metal enclosure to stand up to industrial environments, along with precise triggering, binning, and simplified set-up for hassle-free integration into new or existing vision systems.

High-speed-Laser Triangulation

In particular, the EoSens 21CXP2 camera is an ideal imaging solution for 3D laser profiling, and for automated optical inspection.

In high-speed laser triangulation, the camera’s large sensor provides greater scan coverage for more precise 3D measurements. It is capable of scanning images with 5120 x 4096 pixel while operating at 230 frames-per-second (fps) resulting in the capture of extremely fine details with excellent accuracy.

Utilizing binning increases its signal-to-noise ratio, therefore lowering the required laser power and helping to achieve higher resolutions even when the image is strongly amplified.

Automated Optical Inspection

In Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), the camera brings all the precision of its 21-megaixel resolution and 4.5 µm pixel size to the challenges of detecting faults in complex PCBs and LED displays.

CoaXPress 2.0 enables highest frame rates without latency. This speed, combined with high sensitivity for capturing images with very low noise even in poor lighting, results in greater throughput plus very sharp images.

Environments with significant variations of brightness benefit from the camera’s wide dynamic range.


    Markets and Application Examples


    Key Features

    • 230 fps @ 21MPix resolution
    • High sensitivity
    • Fast CoaXPress-12 interface
    • Precise triggering
    • 80 x 80 x 72.8 mm small



    The EoSens ® 21CXP2 is engineered for the highest Performance. Featuring a high-speed CMOS sensor, the EoSens ® 21CXP2 offers 5,120 x 4,096 pixel resolution at an out-standing speed of more than 230 fps. This camera takes advantage of the new CoaXPress Standard Version 2.0 transmitting data at twice the data rate of Version 1.1. The CXP-12 interface supports data transmission of up to 4 lanes at 12.5 Gpbs.

    High Sensitivity

    The camera’s extreme sensitivity delivers high-contrast images even in very low light conditions. This allows to integrate it in applications where lighting is the crucial point.

    Smart Features

    • CoaXPress V2.0: Supported link speed 3.125/6.25/10/12 Gbps
    • CoaXPress 1.1 downward compatible
    • CoaXPress lanes switchable 1, 2 or 4
    • Binning Mode
    • In-Image frame counter and timestamp
    • Excellent image quality
    • FPN Correction
    • ROI supported with frame rate increase
    • Direct GPIO on camera accepting LVTTL-24V
    • Programmable UserSets
    • Controllable fan


    Technical Data

    Resolution 21 Mpix
    Active pixels 5120 x 4096 px
    Interface CoaXPress @ 4 x 12.5 Gbit/s
    Frame rate (8 bit) 230 fps
    Sensor type CMOS global shutter
    Sensor format 29.5 mm
    Pixel size 4.5 x 4.5 μm
    Pixel data width 12 / 10 / 8 bit
    Dynamic range up to 56 dB
    SNR up to 44.8 dB
    Shutter time (steps) 1 μs
    Shutter time (range) 4 μs - 1 s
    Max. Jitter via CXP Trigger ±4 ns
    Interface Connector Micro BNC
    Mount options F-Mount
    (W x H x L w/o mount)
    80 x 80 x 72.8 mm
    Weight (w/o mount) 590 g
    Power consumption 18.5 W
    Power supply 12-24 VDC external
    Camera body temperature +5 °C to +50 °C
    Shock / Vibration proof 70 g / 7 grms
    Conformity GenICam / CoaXPress

    Frame Rates

    Resolution Frame Rate
    5120 x 4096 px 230 fps
    5120 x 3072 px 305 fps
    5120 x 1024 px 891 fps
    5120 x 128 px 5540 fps
      Max. 12,560 fps

    Camera Dimensions

    EoSens 21CXP2 Camera Dimensions


    Pricing and Quotes

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